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We the Creatures... | Lindsey Feinberg Photography

We the Creatures...

Humans and animals as living beings follow the same basic biological trajectory: a period of life that inevitably ends in death. The same primary instincts drive us to survive, prolonging our presence on this path. Sexual reproduction (or indulgence) brings us physically into being; the pain of hunger drives us to commit violence against other living things; family structures of one sort or another condition us in the ways of life. For better or for worse, these basic instincts follow us everywhere, yet sometimes we humans make them more complex than what they "naturally" are. In spite of the intra- and inter-species violence associated with survival and competition, we the creatures harbor the desire to live in a harmony. My photographs examine how these themes manifest themselves throughout our lives. I am interested in how different bodies exist and confront each other, driven by these ostensibly simple instincts.